Luciana Negroni was discovered by Mario Porcile who recognizes her talent in dance.

Artistic training with the best teachers in the most important professional schools of France and the United States of America. There are numerous courses in which it participates, always looking for new information to be able to train like no other in Italy .
After a long experience in the field of Dance and Artistic Training , a sector in which it operates for more than 25 years ,

Luciana Negroni today is a Preparatore Artistico greatly appreciated.
Founder and Trainer of ART Body Balance ® ,
Method for the Arts and the Movement ® ,
” innovative functional training to improve performance and enhance the aesthetics of the dancers, performers and artists.”

From his experience of Artist, uniqueness of the problems that each individual can meet in the study of his art ,

Luciana Negroni in 2000 decided to give life to his project :

” Create a Private Practice in Highly Specialized Training for Individual Artists:

Artist Professional Studios

Press: The Chronicle – Culture and Sports -

A very good career for that little girl of six years struggling with her ​​first tutu ‘ .

Today it is in Italy , wants to bring home to share his art with others.

A star that returns true .

The Great River, at times, seems to surround the world ,
just as true artists .

Luciana Negroni is in this category . Gianni Leani

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